Wide Range of Services and Equipment

ATE the parent company of ATS operates and maintains a complete array of ground service tools, plant and machinery - all of which are less than 5 years old. Our policy of operating only new equipment dramatically reduces the risk of delays due to breakdowns and thus allows us to offer external rental agreements. Our independence from the major airlines gives us great flexibility in both determining the scope of our operations and the pricing of our services.

ATE/ATS' current fleet includes the following range of equipment:ATE-ATS-361-350

  • Ground Power Units (x 3 Units)
  • Tugs (x 8 Tugs)
  • Ground Air-conditioning Unit
  • Push Back Tractor ( x 2 Units)
  • Potable Water Units
  • Toilet Waste Unit (Aviogei Vacuum Dispensing System)
  • 3.5t Forklift
  • Vans
  • Utes
  • Crew Transport Vehicles

In support of this fleet our dual access GSE facility includes a fully equipped and modern workshop, lockup (aircraft spares) storeroom, fully-fenced and sealed compound, wash down bay, operations / administration offices and car parking.

The proximity of our site facilities, the size of our fleet and the skills and dedication of our team combine to ensure that we can meet all the Line Maintenance and Turnaround services requirements of any small to medium-sized airlines (subject to engineering licensing). In addition, ATE has the flexibility to include new aircraft in our capability schedule.

ATE-ATS-316-300ATE has also formed a wholly owned subsidiary, Aircraft Turnaround Services (ATS) to expand and complete the range of turnaround services offered by our group of companies to existing and future clients operating out of the Cairns Airport. 

ABN: 062 287 870

(ATE formed the wholly owned subsidiarily of Aircraft Turnaround Services)

For Operators:

We can provide a variety of functions, fax, phones, flight plans, crew transport and customs & AQIS. FBO.

Check in Services:

International check in and baggage handling including full security x-ray checks and a close working relationship with Australian customs and AQIS.